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the Building Performance Podcast

Oct 28, 2014

Today Corbett talks with Russell King of Sierra Building Science about the labratory of California, where they've been trying to whip and incentivize efficiency like nobody's business. Are Manual J, Manual D, Manual S, window placements and sizes, and a menu of prescriptive energy code requirements actually leading us...

Apr 23, 2014

Today we talk with Kristof "Handsome" Irwin, founder of Positive Energy in Austin Texas, about why your air conditioner is probably an idiot (bless its heart) and HVAC heaven that you might not have heard about.

Jun 22, 2013

Today we talk with Paul Raymer, chief investigator for Heyoka Solutions and Ventilation Guru, about his book, his facial hair, and the reasons for all the fuss over fresh air in homes.

Apr 8, 2013

Today we talk with the larger-than-life Hank Rutkowski of technical HVAC fame, about the right and wrong way to condition our homes and the who, how, and why of the ACCA Manuals.

Mar 1, 2013

Today we talk again with Don Stevens, National Research & Development Manager at Panasonic Eco-Solutions, about the history of ASHRAE 62.2 residential ventilation standard, and the upcoming changes in 62.2-2013.