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the Building Performance Podcast

Sep 11, 2015

Today Corbett talks with Chad Curry, managing director of the Center for REALTOR Technology, about how performance metrics are changing the real estate industry. From the Internet of Things to measuring air quality in neighborhoods, Chad's group is on the cutting edge of helping the National Association of REALTORS (NAR) incorporate home performance into the selling and buying of homes everywhere! Sponsored by Fall Fast Track- my 6-week mastermind course in home performance ninja techniques.

David Eakin
almost nine years ago

Terrific stuff Corbett! I passed this on to my S-I-L who is a new real estate agent. I believe this is the Achilles Heel of home performance - a concentration on comfort and quality of life imbeded within the real estate professionals. And why CA and CO are so much further ahead of the rest of the nation - much more sensitivity and desire for a better quality of life.