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the Building Performance Podcast

Nov 7, 2013

Today we talk with Kerry Langley of Synovus Mortgage about how his company collaborated with Southeastern builders, HERS raters, and homebuyers to make an absolute killing for everyone involved. Corbett: "Why hassn't everyone been lending money this way?" Kerry: "I have absolutely no idea." YOU NEED TO HEAR...

Apr 25, 2013

Today we talk with Teresa Lopez of Green Energy Money about the future revolution of high performance home mortgages and the current problems that plague the financial system.

May 22, 2012

Today we talk with David B. Goldstein, author of the book  Invisible Energy, energy program co-director at the National Resource Defense Council, award-winning physicist, and all around nice guy.  His insight into the mortgage crisis, homeowner propaganda, and analyzing the housing market as a system...

Sep 17, 2009

Today we interview Joel Freehling, a sustainable home finance expert and manager of Triple Bottom Line Innovations at ShoreBank.  We discuss the changing state of financing for energy efficient homes and renovations, alternatives to the traditional 'bank loan' vehicle, and wild African mammals.  Sponsored by Green Dream...